Cheese for toast
Jonathan’s yogurt 
The foaming oat milk for Yali’s cappuccino 
Shai’s morning cereal 
The soft-but-not-too-soft cherry tomatoes
Grandma's tea, and her sweeteners
The softest toilet paper for the little ones’ bathroom
Small cans of tuna fish 
Fluoride-full toothpaste
Washing gel for extra-sensitive skin
Ben-Gurion’s rice with noodles
Rice with vegetables
And I almost forgot wet wipes

A grocery list made with love and sensitivity. 
That’s who you are.
A loving family.

We created Super Duper exactly for you.

We are here to help you make sure everyone has everything they need.
No sweat,
No headaches, 
No more supermarket trips.
No more paying premiums for the basics, 
No waiting for the day after tomorrow’s delivery slot.

With our list-based app, we are the first supermarket that wants you to deal with groceries as little as possible, and not the contrary. 
Our robotic supermarket allows us to state clearly - we are committed to being cheaper and better than any other supermarket.

Because, you know it as well as anybody, groceries are life’s basic necessities. Like power and water. It needs to simply “be there”.
Cheap, accurate, fresh, and available. 

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