Privacy Policy

Last update March 30, 2022


The privacy policy explains what information (including personal information, i.e. enabling personal identification of the user) the Company will collect, how it will use that information and in what circumstances the Company will disclose that information, and regarding choices available to the user regarding such information.


The Company will be entitled to collect, to retain and to store various kinds of information, including personal information and data regarding users and/or to include it in existing and/or future data bases, at its discretion, at any time and from time to time. In order to purchase products through the Application and/or the services, the user will be required to provide information, e.g. name, address, email, telephone, date of birth, credit card details, user's order information etc, which may constitute personal information. The user does not commit to transmit such information but without it, purchase of products through the Application and/or the services is not possible. The user commits to disclose to the Company only personal information needed in order to access the Application.


The user may also provide information regarding experience with a retail partner. Accordingly, we may approach that retail partner and/or other retailers for purposes of health and/or public security and/or in connection with refund, and to discuss such information. In the event that the user registers for services and/or for the Application through a third party, the Company and that third party may obtain information regarding the user and his use of services of the Company and/or of the third party. The Application may also enable use of social partnership tools that will allow users to coordinate activity in respect of the Company's or others Application services. In such circumstances, such suppliers of tools may receive information on the user. Every user will ascertain the privacy policy of third party services and definitions thereof. The Company's partners may enable us to collect information regarding use of Applications by users and regarding websites of such partners.


The Company may also collect information on the location of users. The user may choose not to enable this through mobile phone definitions or browser or the Application. The Company may conclude general information regarding the user's location, i.e. through his IP address when the user is accessing the Application and/or the services. The Company receives technical information automatically regarding hardware and software in use.


The user's privacy is very important to the Company and the Company respects this. The Company is committed to utilize accepted means in order to protect users' privacy and is aware of the need for such protection and management thereof in connection with use of the Application and/or services. However, the Company cannot commit to ensure full privacy and/or that the Application or services will not be penetrated, or that the Company's or the user's servers and/or computers will not be disturbed or disrupted. The Company will not bear responsibility in connection with breach of confidentiality and/or privacy, except breach of privacy derived from malice of the Company. In the event of penetration of the Company's systems and/or of another entity, in respect of the Application and/or services, information will be exposed in this regard and the Company will not bear any responsibility, including regarding use of such information, and the user will waive any argument or demand in this regard.


The Company is entitled to use, including through its suppliers, information received from users (including personal information) to improve the Application, the services and the Company's services for the user and to implement statistical analyses, to coordinate between the Application and the services and the users, to adapt the Application, services and content for the user's personal needs and preferences, in order to create contact with him, to identify and/or verify his access to the Application or services or in connection with his payments. The Company will also be entitled to use information provided by the user (including personal information) to change, advertise, disclose, distribute such information in connection with the Application and/or services, in order to operate, improve or implement the Application and/or services or products or services of the Company, or financing of the Company or cooperation of the Company with any third party (including for purposes of proposals or offers to third parties for users) or deliberations/ negotiations in this regard. For purposes of maintaining connection with users, supply of products to buyers through the Application or services, marketing and sales promotion, examination of users' complaints, internal checks, statistical needs, the Company will be entitled to transmit, at its discretion, any information that is not personal or on an accrual basis.


Additionally, the Company will be entitled to transmit information to its employees and suppliers, including its service providers, marketing agents, payment agents, including for purposes of operation of the Application, supply of orders or provision of services. While the Company makes efforts to avoid negative use of information, it cannot promise; every user waives irrevocably any arguments (toward the Company, its representatives or related entities) in connection with any use of the above.


The Company will be entitled to read, retain, disclose or access any information, including information provided by users, that it believes is reasonably required in order to (a) fulfill its legal standards and requirements, legal processes, requests from authorities; (b) enforce such conditions, including investigation of potential breaches or realization of rights; (c) identify, prevent or handle fraud, damages, security; (d) handle users' requests; or (e) protect rights, assets or securities, Application , services, users, public. Moreover, in the event that it is argued that a user utilized an Application or service that impairs a third party or breaches a right of a third party or any legislation, the Company will be entitled to disclose information on the user or to implement any other measure. The Company will not bear responsibility in connection with privacy policies of third parties or private breaches of third parties.


Insofar as the user so confirmed in the framework of registration for the Application and/or services, order of products through the Application and/or services or otherwise, the Company will be entitled to enter the user on the Company's mailing list for marketing information, updates regarding products and special campaigns or other information. A user who confirms inclusion on the Company's mailing list, confirms his use of correspondence with the Company by email, messenger (SMS, WhatsApp), or other means, messages regarding additional products supplied by the Company or by third parties with commercial or other relationships, as long as in any message transmitted to the user by the Company, the user will be entitled to inform the Company that he is not interested to continue to receive such messages. A user requesting deletion from the Company's mailing list will send such an announcement to the Company by email or by a link appended to the relevant message; the Company will delete the user from the mailing list within five (5) business days from the date of receipt of the user's announcement.


The Company is entitled, at its discretion, to review content in the Application or services, although it is not required to peruse, examine or supervise such content. Such realization will not levy on the Company any responsibility in connection with any such content. A user will not add or delete from the Application or services any information or data or details in connection with users and will not use or disclose such information.


The Application and/or services may utilize location technologies, e.g. collection of data regarding activity in the Application or in order to maintain data provided by a user in the past. Also for third parties – in order to present or to publish advertising and to research and measure the effectiveness of the advertising. Utilization of the Application and/or services may enable accessing information on pages viewed by the user, announcements viewed, interesting content, interaction with other users, data in connection with the instrument used to access the Application, activity implemented in the Application or in other Applications accessed or in services. The Application and services utilize "cookies" and other means to collect statistical data regarding their use, their adaptation for the user's personal preferences, to assist in their implementation, etc. Cookies are text files created by the user's browser in accordance with a command from the Company's computer and are shared. The files include a variety of information, including the pages requested by the user, source of the Application or services, areas of the Application and/or services, information requested by the user when accessing the Application or services, etc. The user may prevent receipt of part of the cookies by changing his browser or mobile phone settings. Setting off cookies may cause inability to use part of the Application and/or services. We do not commit to react to automatic announcements of "Do not transmit" from users.


The Company commits to delete from its data base in connection with the Application and/or services the personal information of a user within one (1) month from receipt of a written announcement requesting such deletion, by email to